Sunday, April 9, 2017

How to track the phone call recording and sms of your friends of family memeber

          How to track the phone call recording
    and sms of your friends or family members.

Hey dear guys,
  Today/s Content is very useful to know all call recording and sms on your email id by any compatible devices of your girl friend, boy friends or any other family member who you suspect to contact with any other.

   First of all take the android phone of your friends and install this hidden call recorder app. Now register your email id on which you want to get the call recording and sms to see. When you install first time it will be visible on first time on android phone's screen as shortcut icon but again it will not be able to open here it will be disappear but it will be work properly.

  By the reason of unavailable  shortcut icon on screen and in setting option the user of android phone would not be able to uninstall it app. But his all call and sms will be deliver on your register email id.

 Now to check call by that phone to any other phone. Now open your email address that is register on this hidden call recorder.
When you would be open your email address then you get an email address by the hidden call recorder app, Now open this email and click on the link of hidden call recorder app's website to hear and download the all call and sms.

Note: This app can track all calls and sms only since installed time.This app only work after on caller's phone. 
  This app is very important to know to the person who have suspect the nature of his/her girl friend, boy friend or family member who cheated with this guardian or parents. Actually They engage with any other person but their parents want to marriage with other.

In other hand one true lover who love very much with beloved but he/she cheated with other true lover's love and make the relationship with other person.

you can lean this trick by my youtube channel's video that's link is below-

This app is very helpful to track the call and sms for free for a Smartphone and Android phone so we can take the advantage from this app.

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