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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


           If you're using the google chrome search engine to explore the website, then it is very important to understand the shortcuts keys, because it will be not only helpful for your explore speed time,but you can operate your website without mouse.
         There are many short cut key that is described following:-

Windows and linux

shortcut name                 action

ctrl+n                       open a new window

ctrl+t                        open a new tab. 
crtl+shift+n              opens a new window incognito mode

ctrl+tab                    Go to opened tabs manually.

press crtl+0,
then select file          opens file from your computer in google                                             chrome

press crtl and
click a link                opens the link a new tab in the background

press crtl+shift
and click a link          opens the link in a new tab and switches to                                        the newly opened tab.

ctrl+shift+t                reopens the last tab you've closed.

ctrl+1 to ctrl+8         switches to the tab at the specified
                                 position number on the tab strip

ctrl+9                         switches to the last tab.

press backspace
or alt and the lest
arrow together.        goes to the previous pages your browsing

                                history for the tab.

crtl+q                      Quits google chrome.

ctrl+f4                     Close open tab.

  Feature short keys for google chrome

Names of shortcuts             action

Atl+f or alt+e f10          opens the chrome, which lets you
                                    customize and control setting in google                                             chrome

ctrl+shift+B                toggles the bookmarks bar on and off.

ctrl+h                       opens the history page.

ctrl+j                       opens the downloads page

shift+esc                  opens the task manager

ctrl+shift+j            opens developer tools.

ctrl+shift+delete    opens the clear browsing data dialog.

f1                           opens the help center in a new tab

ctrl+shift+m           switch between multiple users.

Address bar shortcuts

 Names of shortcuts          action

ctrl+l or alt+d        Highlights the url.

ctrl+k or ctrl+e       place a ?  in the address bar.type a search                                        term after the question mark to perform a
                              search using your default search engine.


and up arrow           to move left right down and up your page

Webpage shortcuts

shortcut            action

ctrl+p           print your current page

ctrl+s           saves your current page

f5 or ctrl+r    reloads your current page.

esc             stops the loading of your current page

ctrl+f          opens the find bar.

ctrl+g orf3     find the next match for your input in the find bar.

shift+enter      find the previous match for your input in thr                   find bar.

or shift f5      reloads your current page, ignoring caches content

ctrl+u           opens the source of your current page.

ctrl+d          saves your current webpage as a bookmark.

ctrl+shift+d    saves all opens pages as bookmarks in an new folder

f11             opens your pag in full-screen mode.f11 again to 
                exit full-screen.

ctrl+o          returns everything on the page to normal size.

space bar        scroll down the webpage.

home            goes to the top of the page

end             goes to the bottom of the page.

press shift and 
scroll your 
mousewheel.               scrolls horizontally on the page.

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