Monday, April 11, 2016

How to use keywords in tittle of a blog post for on page optimization

  Keywords are keys for getting organic traffic, organic traffic means traffic from search engines if you have read my blog post about Basic search engine optimization guide from google

  You can also get your blog post on the top of the search engine
result pages but to make it happen for your blog post, you need to write a lengthy blogpost at least have 1200 word then only your blog post is going to stand on niche like
blogging tips.

It is very important to improve our blogger rank, because it is a parameter to measure the successful of our blog.

how improve the alexa rank of our blog?

When I have joined blogging in that I did many mistakes that I did not build links for my blog like when I start blogging, I did not know even about this but after later when I come to know about then I have seen their reputation from that come to know about this slowly.

In this article I will share with you about link building tactics to build links of your blog, so are you ready for those tips okay !!! lets get it.

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