Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to create mobile hotspot how use mobile internet data in other device

          How to create mobile hotspot how use mobile internet data in other device

This technique is very popular to use internet data into another device of any device making hotspot. 

If you have any android or smart mobile phone and want to use this device as dongle or as net data card. If you have any laptop computer want to use the data of mobile phone then don't worry you are welcome to use this technique by using your android phone.

first of all start your android phone and tape on setting, now go on the more option. Then select the tethering & portable hotspot.Now you'll see Wi-Fi hotspot settings and user manager tape on it. Now on the option, Then click again on the set up Wi-Fi hotspot. 
When you click on the set up W-Fi hotspot, then you'll see network name that will be by default AndroidAP in your android phone you can change to this natwork name. Second option is security That means you have choose to give the password in your Wi-Fi hotspot by choosing WPA2 PSK if you want public your Wi-Fi without password then Choose none for no password.Here is a option to show the password that you have entered.

Now start your laptop or desktop and click on the netwok option that is available in just right side in your pc.When you click on this option you'll see the your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot name by default AndroidAP or other change name. Now you have available connect option to automatically connect your internet net.

you can see my youtube video to total guiding for this process thats link is below-

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