Thursday, November 5, 2015

States in blogger

          It is very important to analysis our ability and traffic source, overview, audiences etc.
Ovreview: This option included your total page views, yesterday view, today pageviews, and your current total posts.For grow your audience go to campaigns tab in your blogger admin homepage.
   For more detail you can click on the more>> option for view your referring urls that is related to your browser like as, etc.. 

           If you want to check your geographical view or country of the viewers with green color then go on the Audience option in below sub-tabs. Here you'll see the map of your audience's country with name, browsers's and operating system's name also will be open on this popup.
      If you want to check your viewed post then click on the post tab then you can check your post name-wise with  number of the viewers.

        If you want to check your post which is viewed click on the post option The list of the viewed will show in the this tab with number of the views by customising your time like now, day week etc.
For example below is my viewed posts.


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